Go Environmentally Friendly without adding additional cost to your packaging. With PAPER AER you get a Bio-degradbale solution with added protection for your products. The Eco-Fills are made of flexible recycled paper to fill the voids and provide cushioning and ensuring you upto Zero Damages. They are made of unique FSC compliant papers that are compostable and fully degradable. The sealing layer on the inner is also made of bio plastics that degrade upon exposure and can be also be recycled as pulp and again put to use.


Fillezy Smart Pads gives maximum void fill with less use of Paper. The unique paper quality of Padding gives crumpled paper pads that provides exceptional shock absorption. Smart pads can be used to pack products ranging form light to heavy wight products inside of corrugated box. The high quality paper padding is flexible and can be used with different lengths that may be required with the help of online cutting system